Welcome to Damerham Village Hall



Due to the latest Government lockdown (5th January 2021)our Village Hall is now closed.

Consequently Mini Rugby Tots will not now be returning to the hall on Thursday 7th January 2021. 

We look forward to the Spring and we will update this site as soon as the situation changes.


Sadly the covid pandemic has meant we have not able to host any of the annual village events since early March 2020.

 We managed to secure three NFDC Business Support Grants one at the beginning of lockdown 1 and two smaller ones in November & January. So we are able to keep the heating ticking over preventing any frozen pipes etc and pay the normal utilities which don’t stop it seems even for the pandemic!

2021 brings new hope for the covid vaccination for all of us, so we can move forward with many of the events which we have missed so much and those which have been suggested thanks to ‘Think for Damerham’. So we have to wait patiently but we think positively for the future!

The village hall stands ready!!


Damerham WILL rise again!


Take care everyone and to quote the wonderful David Attenborough

‘Give my regards to your lizard’!




The Parish Pump February 2021 

A regular newsletter from Damerham Parish Council 

©2020 Damerham Parish Council 


About the Coffee Pot…. 

The Coffee Pot will be 10 years old later this  

year, so perhaps it’s time for a re-cap!  

We’re open to everyone, whatever their age – 

and indeed, whether they live in Damerham or  

not. Our youngest visitor was 3 days old, and the oldest is well  over 90! We have a big box of toys for the youngest ankle-biters  and during the school holidays we get out some craft materials for  older children.  

We’re run by volunteers, who help out for one morning each  month. Most of them bring a home-made cake (a contribution  towards ingredient costs is offered) but this isn’t necessary. A  team of three people each session take care of our guests, and a  few strong visitors help us clear away afterwards. 

It’s £2 a visit, but we don’t aim to make a profit. As often as we can, we make a donation to a charity nominated by the volunteers.  There’s a book box, and a sales table where you can dispose of  spare items – no commission is charged. Once a month, John and  Gilly from Martin shop come with fresh vegetables, frozen meats,  and other items for us to buy. 

During lockdown, we have been grateful to the Rector for  organizing some Zoom Coffee Pot meetings, but we are looking  forward to a time when everyone in the Village can just turn up at  the Village Hall at 10.30 on a Wednesday morning, to tuck in and  talk, talk, talk! 

Robin Robbins. 



Unfortunately the annual Snowdrop Weekend at St Georges  Church will not take place this year due to Covid 19  precautions. We are very sorry as we know that so many  people from near and far come to enjoy the lovely  snowdrops growing in the churchyard and to visit inside the  church for the stalls etc. as well as our famous tea and  cakes. 

If you would like to make a donation to the church, that can  be done directly to the church bank account, details can be  found in the porch at St Georges. 

Hopefully the event will take place next year. 

John and Cathy Godber (churchwardens) 


News to share, or a village event to publicise? 

If you would like to be added to the mailing list, or you have  anything you would like to include into the March edition,  please email me at victoriawheeldon@hotmail.co.uk by Tuesday 16th February. 




The lottery is going well - thanks to all of you who have  already signed up. We are currently on track to raise over  £2000 which is wonderful news.  

The planning has been a lengthy process, but we are pleased to  say that the plans have now been accepted by NFDC. Plans  had to be amended to add wood cladding around the container  and having a pitched roof. We now start on the work to  progress this. 

If anyone wishes to join, you can still sign up to be eligible for  the monthly draw. The prize money is worth winning! 




Thank you for your support 



May I start by wishing you all a happy and safe February  and hopefully delight in some of you having received your  first Covid vaccinations before the end of the month. 

It is a very uncertain time, still, but we do have the very  pleasing thought that Spring is on its way, with plenty of  snowdrops out in the village and even daffodils out along  Barbara and Harry's front bank. We have experienced much  activity from our sparrows, too, so perhaps they are  heralding an early Spring. 

Following the January Newsletter, we will try and produce  something similar each month until we can get back to  meeting up, normally. In the meanwhile, Happy Birthday  wishes go to David, Linda and Mary, this month and to  Tracey and Cathy for the beginning of March. 

So, the first Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m, raise your  "mug" of tea and drink to us all! 

Do keep in touch with one another. 

Every good wish, 

Cherry (and Simon!) 


For new residents: lots of information on the village is to be found on the Damerham web site www.damerham.net A welcome pack is also available from the Clerk clerk@damerham.net for new comers and their good neighbours. The Parish Pump is printed by Time2Display, Fordingbridge 01725 512021 



You might have thought this has died and gone away, but you  would be wrong!  

Although we can’t make fixed plans, we have lots of ideas,  because it’s so important to have something to look forward to.  

Here are some of the things that we are working on behind the  scenes: 

Most important of all – a chance for the Village to come  together, perhaps with an event on the Sports Field when the  weather is kind to us. Ideas are always welcome! The Village Hall celebrates its 25th birthday this year, so that  will be another priority. What form should the celebrations  take? Should they be linked to the updating of the Damerham  Domesday book, which was published to celebrate the  Millenium, and highlighted our history as well as the doings of  the villagers at the turn of this century. 

As for smaller happenings - the “Sew and So on” craft group  and the Drumming Circle in the Village Hall are easy to  organise quickly as soon as we are allowed! That goes also for  the Book Club, the cycling for the un-athletic, and Village  walks.  

It’ll take a little longer for the Bingo sessions to get going, and  the Open gardens and plant sale ought to be in the early  Summer – which of course might not be possible. Things like  this will be set in motion as soon as we are able. 

But in the meantime, whilst most of us are sitting at home  twiddling our thumbs, we can surely find time to jot down a  favourite recipe for the new Damerham Cookbook, and send it  to Cathy by e-mail cathy-godber@tiscali.co.uk or drop it in to  Ashbourne House in the High street whilst you are out for your  daily exercise.  

*********************************************** Parish Council Updates 

The Parish Council continues to operate during the pandemic via  Zoom. One activity which we have had to cancel is our twice yearly  Litter Picks around the village. To compensate can we ask that  when you are out for your daily exercise around the village, you  take a carrier bag and disposable gloves to pick up some litter on  your route and take it home with you to put in with your own  rubbish. Thank you. 

The very annoying potholes up and down Court Hill have been  reported to Hampshire Highways. They have had white lines drawn  around them and we await further action! 

It may be a good time to ask you if there is anything you are  wanting from the Parish Council which you feel is missing. If so  please contact the Parish Clerk at clerk@damerham.net. Examples  of projects completed are the Village Walks leaflet and new  footpath signs. Projects in the pipeline are the refurbishment of the  red telephone box, investigation of affordable housing provision and  a village design statement as an aid to planning decisions. We all look forward to a better 2021.  

Best wishes 

David Crane (Chairman). 





Completed in June 1996, Damerham Village Hall is one of the showcases for village halls in Hampshire. The village hall is situated in beautiful surroundings backing onto the Allen River in the heart of the village.

Damerham village hall is a charitable institution run as a non profit organisation by a voluntary management committee. The village hall is a key focal point for events within the village and essential in everyday village life.

We host a wide range of community events, non profit making and fund raising for local and community beneficiaries, some of these include; Fluffy Chicks (local non-profit toddler group), Women’s Institute, Horticultural Society, Badminton Club,

The Coffee Pot (a weekly village gathering on Wednesday mornings), as well as providing a meeting point for the local Parish Council and St Georges Parochial Church Council, the W.I., Horticultural Society etc.

The Village Hall has Wi-Fi Broadband for the convenience of hall users and also mobile phone charging points in the reception and kitchen with Samsung and iPhone leads provided.


 Please contact the booking secretary ebsemail@googlemail.com (preferred)

Mobile 07785 181702



 There is also a village information web site www.damerham.net  packed with everything 'Damerham'. this is run by the Damerham Parish Council.