The Parish Council continues to operate during the pandemic via Zoom.

One activity which we have had to cancel is our twice yearly Litter Picks around the village. To compensate can we ask that when you are out for your daily exercise around the village, you take a carrier bag and disposable gloves to pick up some litter on your route and take it home with you to put in with your own rubbish. Thank you.

The very annoying potholes up and down Court Hill have been reported to Hampshire Highways. They have had white lines drawn around them and we await further action!

It may be a good time to ask you if there is anything you are wanting from the Parish Council which you feel is missing. If so please contact the Parish Clerk at

Examples of projects completed are the Village Walks leaflet and new footpath signs. Projects in the pipeline are the refurbishment of the red telephone box, investigation of affordable housing provision and a village design statement as an aid to planning decisions. We all look forward to a better 2021.

Best wishes
David Crane (Chairman)