About the Coffee Pot….

The Coffee Pot will be 10 years old later this year, so perhaps it’s time for a re-cap!

We’re open to everyone, whatever their age – and indeed, whether they live in Damerham or not. Our youngest visitor was 3 days old, and the oldest is well over 90! We have a big box of toys for the youngest ankle-biters and during the school holidays we get out some craft materials for older children.

We’re run by volunteers, who help out for one morning each month. Most of them bring a home-made cake (a contribution towards ingredient costs is offered) but this isn’t necessary. A team of three people each session take care of our guests, and a few strong visitors help us clear away afterwards.

It’s £2 a visit, but we don’t aim to make a profit. As often as we can, we make a donation to a charity nominated by the volunteers. There’s a book box, and a sales table where you can dispose of spare items – no commission is charged. Once a month, John and Gilly from Martin shop come with fresh vegetables, frozen meats, and other items for us to buy.

During lockdown, we have been grateful to the Rector for organizing some Zoom Coffee Pot meetings, but we are looking forward to a time when everyone in the Village can just turn up at the Village Hall at 10.30 on a Wednesday morning, to tuck in and talk, talk, talk!

Robin Robbins

The Parish Pump February 2021
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