You might have thought this has died and gone away, but you would be wrong!

Although we can’t make fixed plans, we have lots of ideas, because it’s so important to have something to look forward to.

Here are some of the things that we are working on behind the scenes:
Most important of all – a chance for the Village to come together, perhaps with an event on the Sports Field when the weather is kind to us. Ideas are always welcome! The Village Hall celebrates its 25th birthday this year, so that will be another priority.

What form should the celebrations take? Should they be linked to the updating of the Damerham Domesday book, which was published to celebrate the Millenium, and highlighted our history as well as the doings of the villagers at the turn of this century.

As for smaller happenings – the “Sew and So on” craft group and the Drumming Circle in the Village Hall are easy to organise quickly as soon as we are allowed! That goes also for the Book Club, the cycling for the un-athletic, and Village walks.

It’ll take a little longer for the Bingo sessions to get going, and the Open gardens and plant sale ought to be in the early Summer – which of course might not be possible. Things like this will be set in motion as soon as we are able.

But in the meantime, whilst most of us are sitting at home twiddling our thumbs, we can surely find time to jot down a favourite recipe for the new Damerham Cookbook, and send it to Cathy by e-mail or drop it in to Ashbourne House in the High street whilst you are out for your daily exercise.